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University of Tanjungpura Profile

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Bersama UNTAN Membangun Negeri – Who does not know this one university? Especially for those of you who live in Pontianak and West Kalimantan. Tanjungpura University itself is one of the State Universities located in Pontianak West Kalimantan, located in Jalan Prof.Dr.H.Hadari Nawawi / Jalan Ahmad Yani and can be easily recognized because it is close to Tugu Digulis. For the people of West Kalimantan, this campus is a favorite campus for young people coming from Pontianak city itself as well as areas in West Kalimantan to continue their education to higher education level.

UNTAN itself has 9 faculties, consisting of 96 Study Programs, 6 Diploma programs, 63 Undergraduate programs, 24 Postgraduate programs as well as several professional programs and there are also international classes. Counted the number of active students UNTAN as many as 31720 students scattered in 9 faculties.

UNTAN was established in 1959 under the name of National Daya University under the auspices of the National Higher Education Foundation as a private university. In 1963, the Status of Private University of the National University of Power transformed into State Universities based on the Decree of the Minister of PTIP Number 53 of 1963 and changed the name of National Power Universe to State University of Pontianak.

Due to Indonesia’s political situation in 1965, the name of Pontianak State University was changed to Dwikora University based on Presidential Decree No. 278 of 1965. In 1967, the name of the university changed to Tanjungpura University based on Presidential Decree 1967. Tanjungpura’s name was taken from the name of the Kingdom of Tanjungpura which is the oldest kingdom that ever stood in West Kalimantan in the 8th century.

Tanjungpura University has 9 Faculties, including Faculty of Law, Faculty of Economics and Business, Faculty of Agriculture, Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, Faculty of Teacher Training and Education, Faculty of Forestry, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, and Faculty of Medicine.

There are 3 entry points that can be passed by prospective students if you want to study at Tanjugpura University. The first is through the National Selection of State University Entrance or also called SNMPTN. SNMPTN itself is an entry point better known as an invitation path. Prospective students are accepted or not based on academic achievement that has been achieved by prospective students while still sitting dibangku SMA / SMK / MA equivalent.

By 2017 UNTAN absorbs around 1350 prospective students from this pathway. The second point is the Joint Selection Sign for the College of Negei or SBMPTN. SBMPTN is a state university entrance through a selection of written examination as well as skill exams that are divided into 2 areas of study, namely science and technology (saintek) and social and humanities (soshum).

Then the third Path is the independent path which is an independent selection through written exam held by UNTAN. UNTAN absorbs prospective freshmen from independent pathways of about 20% on each course.

For the tuition fee, UNTAN applies UKT system or single tuition which is divided into 5 groups of UKT, the smallest is UKT I group which is Rp. 500,000 and groups of UKT II s / d UKT V varies depending on the course of study taken. Large UKT grouping itself based on the income of parents or guardians as evidenced by supporting official documents.

In addition to UKT, UNTAN also accepts students through BIDIKMISI scholarships aimed at prospective students whose economies are below average / underprivileged and proven by supporting documents.

In carrying out its academic activities, UNTAN already has various supporting facilities for its students, including classrooms, administration system and UNTAN official website, laboratories in each faculty, sports facilities, foodcourt, some ATMs and banks to facilitate administrative access for students, UNTAN auditorium, for students, research institutes, community service agencies (LPMM), and libraries as well as non-academic activities such as BEM, UKM, and other leadership training. Currently UNTAN has about 2059 staff, and has produced 197 research from various disciplines.

Now UNTAN has produced about 58061 graduates in various disciplines of science. Based on UNTAN VISION, in 2020 Untan becomes a preservation institution and scientific information center of West Kalimantan and produces Pancasila moral outcomes and able to compete both at regional, national, regional, and international levels and MISI UNTAN is to organize education, research and community service in quality so as to produce an output that is able to follow, develop and advance science, technology and art and able to provide direction for development in accordance with each discipline.

Currently UNTAN accredited B based on Decree of 969 / SK / BAN-PT / Akred / PT / VIII / 2015 which was issued by BAN-PT. Expect Universita Tanjugpura as a high education milestone that can develop and prepare qualified human resources that can compete and build their region, especially in West Kalimantan, both national and international. (BBN)

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